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Award for ACU Historian Laura Rademaker

Congratulations to IRCI historian Laura Rademaker on the award of the 2016 Serle Award for her thesis, Language and the Mission: Talking and Translating on Groote Eylandt, 1943–1973.

The Serle Award is is a prestigious prize awarded every two years by Australia’s peak body of historians, The Australian Historical Society. It is given to the best postgraduate thesis in Australian history.

Dr Rademaker’s thesis was an interdisciplinary work of history that made extensive use of oral history interviews with Aboriginal elders and missionaries as well as anthropological, musicological and linguistic data to tell a story of cross-cultural interactions and negotiations at Christian missions.

Some of Laura’s research is available here:

Missions, Politics and Linguistic Research The case of the Anindilyakwa language of North Australia. (2015). Historiographia Linguistica, 42(2-3), 379-400.

Language and Australian Aboriginal History : Anindilyakwa and English on Groote Eylandt. (2014). History Australia, 11(2), 222-239.

‘I had More Children than Most People’ : Single Women’s Missionary Maternalism in Arnhem Land, 1908-1945. (2014). Lilith : A Feminist History Journal, 17-18, 7-21.

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