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Professor Denys Turner

Professor Denys Turner
BA, MA (University College Dublin), DPhil (Oxon)

Philosophy, Religion, and Culture

Denys Turner is an ACU Professorial Fellow and Horace Tracy Pitkin Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology at Yale. He was previously Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of numerous monographs on the topics of Marxism, medieval Christian thought, and mystical theology. Turner’s work is the subject of a collection, Desire, Faith, and the Darkness of God (Notre Dame, 2015), edited by David Newheiser and Eric Bugyis.

Key Publications

Turner, Denys. Thomas Aquinas: A Portrait. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2013.

Turner, Denys. Julian of Norwich, Theologian. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2011.

Turner, Denys. Faith, Reason and the Existence of God. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004.

Turner, Denys. The Darkness of God. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995.

Davies, Oliver and Turner, Denys, eds. Silence and the Word. Negative Theology and Incarnation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002.