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Dr Alan Cadwallader

Dr Alan Cadwallader
BA, LLB (Monash), BThHons, Mth (ACT), PhD (Flinders)

Biblical and Early Christian Studies

Dr Alan Cadwallader is Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies with specialist interest in Mark’s Gospel, Deutero-Pauline letters, archaeology (especially epigraph), critical theory, bible translation and contemporary (especially ecological and gender) hermeneutics. He has published widely in each of these areas, particularly in the critical analysis of Mark’s Gospel, the archaeology of ancient Colossae and the politics of the translation of the Revised Version. He is currently working on a commentary on Mark’s Gospel for the Earth Bible Project, a critical edition of the story of St Michael of Chonai (Colossae) and the Revised Version of the New Testament. His book, Beyond the Word of a Woman (ATF Press, 2008) won the Australian Theology Book of the Year award in 2009.

Key publications

Where the Wild Ox Roams. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2013.

Pieces of Ease and Grace. Adelaide: ATF Press, 2013.

‘St Michael of Chonai and the Tenacity of Paganism’. In Intercultural Transmission throughout the Medieval Mediterranean: 100-1600 CE, edited by D. Kim and S. Hathaway, 37-59. London/NY: Continuum, 2012.

‘The Peasant, the farmer and the gardener: approaches to the environment of the mustard seed’. In Where The Wild Ox Roams, edited by Alan Cadwallader, 129-44. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2013.

‘Name Punning and Social Stereotyping: reinscribing slavery in the letter to Philemon’. Australian Biblical Review 60 (2013): 18-31.

‘Roman Province of Asia’. In Oxford Encyclopaedia of Bible and Archaeology, edited by Daniel Master et al. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.

‘“His Love has been our banner on our road”: identity politics and the Revised Version’. In Ideology, Culture and Translation, edited by S. Elliot and R. Boer, 83-100. Atlanta, GA: Semeia Studies, 2012.

Colossae in Space and Time. Göttingen: Vandenhoeock and Ruprecht, 2011.

‘Keeping Lists or Embracing Freedom: 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 in Context’. In Five Uneasy Pieces. Essays on Scripture and Sexuality, edited by Wright, N Mcl, 41-58. Adelaide: ATF Press, 2011.

Beyond the Word of a Woman. Adelaide: ATF Press, 2008.