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Dr Jeff Hanson

Dr Jeff Hanson
MA, MPhil, PhD

Philosophy and Phenomenology of Religion

Dr Jeffrey Hanson grew up in Garland, Texas. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Dallas and his doctorate from Fordham University. He taught for five years in the Department of Philosophy at Boston College. 

Key publications

Emmanuel Levinas: An Ambivalent but Decisive Reception, in Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and Resources Volume 11: Kierkegaard’s Influence on Philosophy Tome II: Francophone Philosophy. Ashgate, 2011

Hanson, J and Kelly, M Michel Henry and The Idea of Phenomenology: Immanence, Givenness and Reflection, Michel Henry: The Effects of Thought, Bloomsbury, 2011

The Phenomenon of the Good: Reconstructing Religion in the Wake of Deconstruction, Reexamining Deconstruction and Determinate Religion: Toward a Religion with Religion (Duquesne, 2012)

Finding Joy in Guilt-Consciousness: ‘Kierkegaard’s Gospel of Sufferings IV’, Being Human: Groundwork for a Theological Anthropology for the 21st Century (Mosaic, 2013)

Creature Discomforts: Levinas’s Interpretation of Creation Ex Nihilo, Creation and Creativity: The Human Place in the Natural World (Fordham, forthcoming)