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Dr Stephanie Collins

Dr Stephanie Collins


BA (Hons), MPP (Hons) University of Auckland, PhD (ANU)

I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with First Class Honours, and a Master of Public Policy with First Class Honours, both from University of Auckland. I received my PhD from the Australian National University in 2013. Prior to joining ACU in April 2018, I held a continuing position as Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Manchester.

My research primarily concerns the philosophy of groups, that is, how we should conceptualise groups’ ontological status, mental and epistemic capacities, agency, responsibility, and duties. I’m keenly interested in applying these conceptualisations to states and businesses. My side interests include feminist philosophy, moral demandingness, and the nature of individuals’ obligations in the face of moral collective action problems.

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Key publications


The Core of Care Ethics. Palgrave Macmillan: 2015.

Journal Articles

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