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Professor Mark Alfano

Professor Mark Alfano


A.B. (Princeton), PhD (CUNY)

Mark Alfano’s work in moral psychology encompasses subfields in both philosophy (ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind) and social science (social psychology, personality psychology). He is ecumenical about methods, having used modal logic, questionnaires, tests of implicit cognition, incentivizing techniques borrowed from behavioral economics, neuroimaging, textual interpretation (especially of Nietzsche), digital humanities techniques (text-mining, archive analysis, visualization), and of course good old-fashioned intuition-mongering. He has experience working with R, Tableau, and Gephi.

Personal website here

Key Publications

Character as Moral Fiction. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Moral Psychology: An Introduction. Polity, 2016.

‘The Topology of Communities of Trust’. Russian Journal of Sociology, 15(4), 2017: 30-56.

‘How One Becomes What One is Called: On the Relation between Traits and Trait-Terms in Nietzsche’. Journal of Nietzsche Studies, 46(1), 2015: 263-72.